There are plenty of quality brands, styles, and other options when it comes to camper furniture. After a few seasons of travel, you may need to update or replace the furniture in your RV. Knowing where to start and which brands to trust are important first steps. Additionally, furniture that rides in your RV needs to be durable enough to handle the extremes that come with travel. In this article, we’ll talk about our top RV furniture brand choices and highlight their advantages.

Who Makes the Best RV Furniture?

There are many brand names that make furniture for RVs, but we recommend Villa, Fjords, Lambright, Lafer and our very own Bradd and Hall custom RV furniture. These brands have been tried and true over the decades we’ve sold RV recliners, sofas, tables, and dinettes. If you want to get your money’s worth from your investment with a high-quality look and feel, choose these top RV furniture brands!


Villa has been creating quality furniture since 1955 at their 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility located right here in Elkhart, Indiana. In 1965, Villa established themselves in the recreational vehicle industry with their intelligent and stylish RV dinette. This paved the way for more camper furniture pieces to be added to their line, including RV sofas, captain’s chairs, and more. Villa also makes RV dinette booths with a bed or without one. Villa International is a brand built on a foundation of ingenuity and integrity, which is why RV manufacturers like Newmar, Tiffin, Jayco, Thor, Forest River and Entegra come standard with their furniture.


Comfort is in the name with Lambright, and that’s no joke with this company. Lambright is Indiana-based in the city of Topeka. Founded in 1998, Lambright is relatively new to the furniture industry. However, they have emerged as one of the top RV furniture brands with their amazing offering of RV recliners, jackknifes, sleepers, and theater seating. If you sit on it, Lambright makes it, and makes it well. Aside from their premium fit and finish, Lambright furniture designs will also add storage and save you space. If you are shopping for an RV recliner or chair that is comfortable, practical and looks great, then shop Lambright Comfort Chairs!


They may have started as a small basement operation in 1941, but now Fjords has expanded to have market shares in five continents. What makes Fjords unique is their perfect combination of design and science, which creates beautiful RV recliners and chairs that elegantly fit the shape of the human body. Fjords pushes the limits of ingenuity and technology yet stays true to quality and tradition. This has created an adaptability, to create styles and engineer designs that resonate with each generation. For chairs that are stunning both in look and feel, Fjords is the choice for you.


Lafer is a Brazilian company. They’ve specialized in furniture that is both comfortable and stylish for nearly a century. Unique features found in their RV recliners are the patented retractable footrest, independent back rests, and adjustable headrest. For a sleek, single-seat recliner check out Lafer recliners for your RV!


At Bradd and Hall, we’ve created our own line of custom furniture. Our designs include RV captain’s chairs, tables and dinette booths. With decades of experience selling and installing furniture for RVs, we know what customers expect from their camper furniture. We understand the role each piece we build has, and how to maximize its use while minimizing impact on floorspace. Additionally, we design our furniture with Amish-supplied wood and stains, and always use the highest quality fabrics. With Bradd and Hall, you get a top RV furniture brand and nothing less!

Couple shops top RV furniture brands on their laptop.


Finding the right brand and style can be a difficult task. However, whatever furniture you decide to buy for your RV will need to fit as well as look good. Unlike a regular home, pushing and sliding your couch or turning your dining room table in your camper to create space for oversized furniture will not work. This is especially true when RV furniture needs to fit slide outs or in-between other furniture pieces and fixtures.

This is why it’s important to take accurate measurements of your interior space. You want both your furniture and it’s parts to move freely without bumping into other objects. Additionally, if you are buying online, you may want to have sample fabrics shipped out first, so you can verify that the colors chosen match your interior. This is recommended because real colors differ from the colors of your desktop or mobile device’s screen.

Where to Buy RV furniture

You can find most of the top RV furniture brands for sale in many different stores; however, not all furniture sellers are equal. When you buy from Bradd and Hall, you get quality furniture from top brands and an unbeatable customer warranty with every purchase.

If you are looking for a camper furniture outlet store near Elkhart, Indiana, look no further. We offer furniture that will fit any motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel or destination trailer. We upholster our custom RV chairs and booths with UltraLeather, which lasts up to twenty years without peeling! Additionally, we repair, install, and reupholster RV furniture. We’ve even been rated by as one of the best places to buy furniture for an RV. Whether you are looking for RV furniture for sale online or at our store, Bradd and Hall is a name you can trust.

Get RV Repairs and Upgrades!

When the interior of your RV needs an upgrade, Bradd and Hall is here to help! We carry custom wood furniture products, and we’ll perform services from complete coach reflooring to simple wood window valence installation. We also carry RV furniture, including theater seating, sofas, captain’s chairs and more. Call Bradd and Hall for a custom RV interior renovation by our professionals!