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Types of RV Furniture

Living a life of travel and adventure — on the wide-open road — without ever needing to leave the comfort and convenience of your own home. While the scenario depicted above may sound too good to be true, RVs and camper trailers lend leisurely travel a charming touch of home. Whether you are a full-time […]

How to Remodel an RV

  So, you’ve just bought a used RV and you’re excited to set out on your next big adventure. But before you go, there are a few updates you’d like to make. But how do you go from drab and outdated to mod and sophisticated with as few mistakes as possible? You learn from others, […]

Best Replacement Flooring for RVs

Take a look at the flooring in your RV. Is it old? Moldy? Do you even like the color, design, or material? If you said yes to any of those, it might be time for brand new flooring in your rig that you chose just for you. For nearly 14 years, Bradd & Hall has […]

RV Storage Solutions to Combat Clutter

Clutter can happen to anyone — it doesn’t matter the size of your home. You can live in a mansion and still appear to have too much “stuff” if it’s not stored properly. While living in a smaller space does pose unique challenges when storing essentials, decluttering your RV is not an impossible task. “So, how […]

Travel Trailer Sofa Replacement

The sofa that comes in your RV can sometimes be a bit bulky, uncomfortable, and wastes space for storage. When you don’t like something, you simply don’t tend to use it. This won’t do, because all space is valuable in rigs. If this is you, and you’re wanting a new sofa that is comfy, cozy, […]

Removing and Disposing of Old RV Furniture

If you are thinking about upgrading the furniture in your RV, you have to start by removing the old RV furniture. No matter if you want to remove just one or two pieces or completely strip your rig and start from scratch, you have quite the task in front of you. Once you have decided […]

How do you deep clean an RV?

Before heading out on your next adventure, now might be the best time to get out of the house and give your motorhome or RV a deep clean. It’s more than likely been in storage for the winter months, and we want to help make sure your rig is clean and ready to go when […]

Can you put regular furniture in an RV?

If you’re thinking about replacing your RV furniture now or in the future, you’ve probably asked yourself this question: “Can I use regular furniture to replace my RV furniture?” To put stationary home furniture in your RV would not be as easy to install as specified RV furniture, because RV furniture is often made to […]

Reasons to Replace Your RV Furniture

Whether you just purchased a brand new RV and you aren’t a fan of the interior, or you’ve had one for quite a while, you’ve probably thought about replacing the furniture in your RV. This may be even more true if you own a vintage or classic rig. Replacing the furniture in your RV is […]

Our Best Tips and Tricks for Selecting Perfect RV Furniture

We know you love your RV. You spend a lot of time in it, you invest in it, and you take good care of it. Regardless of how old your rig is, sometimes the factory furniture just doesn’t sit well with you. Here at Bradd & Hall, we understand this and want to help you […]