When shopping for a new motorhome or travel trailer, the options can seem endless. The same is true with RV recliners. From standalone recliners to RV theater seating that can sit two or more, there are a lot of options to choose from. Comfortable recliners are a necessity in your living space. Other than your driver’s seat, your recliners and sofas are where you’ll be sitting most of the time. In this article, we’ll break down the most common types of recliners in RVs along with their benefits.

RV Recliners — What You Need to Know

When you choose a recliner for your RV, consider details like type, brand name, fabric material, and size. These are important factors because quality RV furniture is specialized to handle the extremes of the road. Not to mention, furniture made for an RV is designed to be lighter and take up less space than traditional furniture. This yields more floorspace in your RV and helps your camper travel lighter.

Are Specialty RV Recliners Necessary?

The question “Can you put any recliner in an RV?” comes up frequently. The simple answer is yes. However, there are things you must consider before using regular furniture in an RV.

There are differences between RV furniture and general home furniture. For example, RV recliners are, of course, designed to be used in an RV. This means that they can fully operate in smaller places, be resistant to rough travel on the road, and are lighter than normal recliners to meet RV weight limits.

Recliners made for RVs are also normally made up of two or three separate pieces, which makes them easier to carry into your RV. After assembly, these recliners are secured to the actual camper, so they won’t move around or damage the interior on the road.

Types of RV Recliners

Some of the most popular types of RV recliners are Swivel Rockers, Euro Recliners and Wall Huggers. All of these types of recliners give you the most comfort and usability, while taking up minimal space in your RV.

What is a Wall Hugger Recliner?

Also known as a zero-wall recliner, a wall hugger recliner requires very little wall clearance to recline. Some RV wall hugger recliners, like the ones from Lambright, require as little as three inches of wall clearance. These RV chairs recline with just a few inches of clearance because as the back of the chair goes down, the seat moves forward. This makes the most use of the least space. RV theater seating and sofas can come equipped with this feature as well.

What is a Euro Recliner?

Instead of a plush and overstuffed recliner, a euro recliner is a slimmer chair that puts the padding only where it’s needed. A euro recliner gives you all the comforts and features an American style recliner but is more compact. The euro style is best if you want RV furniture that is lighter and takes up less space. Fjords and Lafer are great brands that have these styles of RV recliners for sale.  

Fjords euro recliner in a home fully reclined.

What are Swivel Rockers?

A swivel rocker recliner is a chair that can rock, recline and rotate on its base. These camper recliners make a nice addition to your RV furniture. With swivel rockers, you can get a better angle to view your TV, rock as you read a book, or recline back for a nap. Our 10-year bestselling Lambright Lazy Relaxor Recliner is an excellent example of the versatile swivel rockers.

RV Theater Seating vs. Recliners

A recliner is a single seat chair that is individually placed. RV theater seating, on the other hand, is usually a set of two reclining chairs connected by an armrest center console. Since this RV furniture piece seats two people comfortably, it’s often called an RV recliner loveseat. The extended designs can have three seats and can be called an RV reclining sofa or RV theater sofa.

Lambright Houston style RV theater seating in a light cream color.

We offer both two and three theater seating designs from Lambright RV Furniture.  Additionally, RV theater seating is made to support your body in a way that makes looking up at a TV easy on your neck. This means that as the chair reclines, your head will always be propped up and positioned looking forward.

RV Recliner Fabrics

Although you have dozens of upholstery options for your RV furniture, we recommend going with Ultraleather or Ultrafabrics products. Cheaper polyurethanes will save you some money initially, but will cost you more in the long run. Cheaper leather-like fabrics often peels and cracks after a few years. Consequently, this means you’ll have to reupholster the recliners or theater seating. True Ultraleather has lasted our customers decades without a crack in sight!

At Bradd and Hall, we carry brands that make great RV recliners like Lambright, Lafer and Fjords. We give you the best options in fabric and design. Our recliners and theater seating are made to fit your RV and last many years! Cheap or regular home furniture may be more affordable and look good, but it will not last or fit as well as furniture made for your RV. We’ve been in business since 1982 and have a trusted reputation for excellence. Check out our full line of RV recliners for sale, and reach out to us if you have any questions!

Get RV Repairs and Upgrades!

When the interior of your RV needs an upgrade, Bradd and Hall is here to help! We carry custom wood furniture products, and we’ll perform services from complete coach reflooring to simple wood window valence installation. We also carry RV furniture, including theater seating, sofas, captain’s chairs and more. Call Bradd and Hall for a custom RV interior renovation by our professionals!