RV renovation can consist of any style, color scheme, or layout combination you could dream of. The options are plentiful, especially when redesigning for a rustic look and feel.  A distressed or rustic look to furniture and décor has become a popular style for both RV’s and classic homes. Whether your RV’s interior isn’t what you’d like it to be, or you already have an RV with a rustic interior but need an update, Bradd and Hall has the RV Renovation essentials for you!

Rustic styles emphasize a natural beauty, and can be perfect for RV’s with a rugged or relaxed atmosphere. Organic looking elements are important to any rustic style. Accents and décor made from natural materials or featuring natural patterns, such as wood, stone and foliage, are all great options. Another staple is the use of muted colors like wood grains, browns and warm whites. The imperfect lines and cozy style will create an inviting atmosphere once your RV renovation process is complete.

RV renovation cubby cabinets

Cubby Cabinets

Our cubby cabinets are a great option for almost any RV renovation style. In particular, we mention them for a rustic renovation because of their natural, wood-grain look. Choose a warm-toned stain to emphasize the rustic style, or call us to ask about stain matching. If your current RV style boasts your favorite rustic charm, we’ll match our stain as closely as possible to your RV’s cabinet so your new Bradd and Hall cubby cabinets match the current style of your RV. We have both slim and regular end tables to add extra storage to any sized space in your RV.

RV renovation reclining chair

Lambright Superior RV Recliner

This Lambright recliner is one of the best seats for a rustic RV interior design. With organic lines, this cozy chair perfectly represents the warm and inviting style of rustic design. We have plenty of fabrics and colors to choose from to help this chair match your RV décor. In a rustic renovation, we recommend choosing a warm-toned brown or beige color. For a more natural, rugged look, a dark, rich color is best. If you’re looking for an accent piece, this recliner can be ordered with a pop of color. In this case, we recommend choosing a muted red or similar. 

RV renovation expandable table

Dinette Expanding Table

In a rustic RV renovation, we chose this dinette expanding table rather than a booth dinette. This table is preferred for a rustic design with a natural wood-grain texture. It’s expanding feature makes it perfect for a changing number of people at the dinner table. To add an extra natural feel, add wooden chairs with soft lines and decorate your tabletop with plants, muted colors, and muted flatware.

RV renovation - swivel chair

Lambright Swivel Seat Base RV Dinette Chair

While the swivel seat is a great feature, we chose these chairs because of their smooth, natural lines. The legs and base of the chair are rounded and wooden, perfect for your rustic or rugged RV renovation. You can choose the wood type, stain color, fabric color and fabric material of these Amish-made chairs. To match your rustic décor, muted color fabric with a wood stain that matches your motorhome is ideal. These chairs are also a great opportunity to add an accent color. Consider choosing a fabric in the accent color you’d like to add to your rustic design.

RV renovation - folding coffee tables

Easy Folding RV Coffee Table

This coffee table is a best seller at Bradd and Hall! It’s easy to fold and store when you’re on the move, making it a very popular choice among RV enthusiasts. You can choose from a variety of wood stains that feature the organic, wood-grain look noted in rustic styles. Anyway, what’s cozier than a home with a coffee table for your favorite books and drinks? If comfortable and inviting is the name of the game for rustic décor, it’s clear that this table is perfect for your RV renovation.

RV renovation - Dutchboy theater sofa

Lambright Dutchboy RV Theater Sofa

The Dutchboy theater sofa is one of the largest we stock, so it’s ideal for a big Class A motorhome. This Amish-made reclining sofa has three seats, one being separated by a storage compartment. We chose this sofa for our rustic renovation because of it’s soft, comfortable look. This sofa fits perfectly in a warm and inviting living room. it can also give off the perfect rugged look, while offering all the resting comforts of a soft sofa. We recommend choosing a warm brown or beige to match your rustic RV renovation. If this particular sofa is a little too large for your RV, you can check out our other sofas and theater seating options on our website.

RV renovation - computer desk

RV Dinette Credenza Computer Center

Made to maximize space, this wooden computer desk is perfect for those working or attending school from the road. Choose cherry, oak or maple for these desks made in-house here in Elkhart. These desks are then given an Amish finish, with stain matching available. You can customize the tray options and top lengths of these tables to fit perfectly in your RV. Whether you use this table to work or eat, it’s organic, wooden look is a perfect match for rustic décor.

If you need some ideas, aside from a rustic RV renovation, we also have a list of some popular RV color schemes. In addition, we’re often inspired by some of our favorite RV renovation YouTubers.

Call us or contact us online to order your custom furniture for a fully rustic RV renovation. Choose your style, color, size, material and more with Bradd and Hall custom RV furniture. We sell captain’s chairs, marine furniture, and RV furniture in any style you might be interested in.

Want a more modern look? Check out our Euro recliners! Whatever your goals are, we can help your RV renovation dreams come true.

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