Sometimes, a change in scenery is exactly what you need. To RVers, this often means revving up the motorhome and finding a new place to park. But after a few years, RV interiors tend to become drab and outdated, in need of a change! If you’re looking to renew your RV with fresh paint and new furniture, Bradd and Hall is here to help. Our furniture comes in a variety of colors and materials custom ordered to fit your style. For inspiration to start your remodel, we put together this list of trending RV color schemes.

Chilled Blues and Grays

From royal to turquoise to baby, blue has taken over the design game. Blues are easy to balance out with a cool gray, and together they provide your RV with a relaxed feel. These colors are easy to fall for and generally pleasing to everyone.

Classic Woods

Most motorhomes will come with a wood-centered interior. While some of our favorite interior designers might claim that wood is out, we argue that the classic look is always in. Wood designs can be accentuated with any color you like. From dark wine reds to steely blues, wood is a classic look that can be easily updated with hints of different accent colors. If you’re looking to add wood furniture, Bradd and Hall has a variety of in-house designs, and we offer stain matching for the perfect color.

Modern, Clean White

The modern minimalist white look has overtaken even calming blues for renovation experts. Clean white walls help the smallest of spaces appear bright and open. Designers into this look often opt for gold accents. Gold hardware, gold decorations, even a gold sink faucet help elegantly accent white and black.

Boho Colorful

Opposite minimal white is boho rainbow. If you’re into color, and a lot of it, beachy and boho is the look for you. Mix colors, patterns and textures from around the globe for an eclectic look. Embrace laidback vibes, and throw in a couple of bright green plants, for a fun and exciting RV interior.

Butter Yellow & Charming Greens

Bring the outdoors in with green and yellow design. These colors bring sunshine and cheer, perfect for nature lovers. This scheme can be accentuated with corals, blues, and even black. Yellow and green evoke the feeling of a warm spring day and show off your affinity with nature.

Whether you go with one of these RV color schemes or choose your own personalized look, Bradd and Hall is here to help your home-on-wheels look its best – just in time for spring cleaning! Visit our website to scroll through our variety of color selections and don’t hesitate to contact us about a custom piece fit perfectly to you.