As tech becomes more advanced and companies realize the financial benefits of remote employees, the working from home trend will only continue to grow. We saw a huge spike in people transitioning to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and many people have taken to working in their pajamas. The opportunity to work from home cuts out commute time, provides cheaper childcare options, saves money and creates the opportunity to work from anywhere. When you can work from anywhere, why not travel while you work? Full-time RVers are often remote workers, and can change their office view any day they choose. You can do the same! At Bradd & Hall, we have the tools to help you set up your new motorhome office.

A coronavirus-related study by the Pew Research Center published in December 2020 found that 71% of those surveyed were working from home, and 54% wanted to continue to work from home “after the coronavirus outbreak ends.” If you have the opportunity to work from home, and love to travel, setting up a motorhome office and working from the road might be for you. Whether you’re still considering the change or you’re ready to hit the highway tomorrow, we put together these useful tips on setting up your motorhome office.

setting up your motorhome office - organized workspace overview


Solid connection

The most important part of setting up your motorhome office is solid internet connection. Without quick internet connection, most on-the-road office jobs will be difficult or impossible. Campground WiFi usually isn’t a dependable connection, so we recommend purchasing your own hotspot. Popular cellphone companies like Verizon or AT&T offer mobile hotspots so you can set up WiFi from your RV.

Calm workspace

RVs are compact living areas, and finding a calm, private space to work might be difficult. But you need quiet to focus and perform your job to the best of your abilities. If you’ve got a pretty quiet RV, adding a curtain around your workspace to separate yourself from distractions might be enough. If you’ve got a noisy camper full of kids and pets, consider pulling a small trailer behind your motorhome or truck camper. Toy haulers are also a great option for those working on the road, as their garages can be easily converted into a private work space.

Organized area, organized thoughts

A well-organized workspace is just as important as a quiet workspace. A desk free of clutter allows you to focus more on your work and decreases stress. Consider a desk with plenty of drawers and storage space so you’re able to keep things off the desk and out of sight. Organizing your work supplies in desk drawers creates more space and allows you to focus on the work actually in front of you.

setting up your motorhome office - office with a view

Office with a view

If you’re setting up a motorhome office, it needs to have a view! Working on the road means ever-changing sights, and you don’t want to miss out on one moment of beautiful views. While you may be stuck inside on the computer, you can still enjoy the sights and sounds of nature out your window, wherever you’re parked this week. Sunlight, in general, is good for your health and your mood. Having natural sunlight in your workspace creates a pleasant work atmosphere, whereas a dark work dungeon can be pretty depressing.

Flexible furniture

Setting up your motorhome office means new office furniture. At Bradd and Hall, we carry a variety of computer desks made to perfectly fit your RV. Our computer desks come in four different shapes and sizes. We build them in house out of durable cherry, oak or maple. We even offer custom sizes and stain matching, so you can have the perfect desk for your RV. Our dinette credenza computer center is one of our best sellers as it can be used in the kitchen or office! Contact us about your new custom wood computer desk.

If you need assistance setting up your motorhome office, our team at Bradd and Hall will be more than happy to help. We can assist in finding the right furniture for you, and provide options for custom furniture made to fit your RV. Outside of the office, we offer kitchen and living space furniture. Browse our full inventory online and contact us to find out what we can do to bring your RV up to date.