You love your pets – fur, claws and all – but you also love your brand new Ultraleather couch from Bradd and Hall. Problem is, dirt-loving dogs and cats looking for a nice stretch aren’t the best match for your new couch. We want to help you protect your RV furniture from pets so you can enjoy your dream RV for years to come. There are plenty of precautions you can take to protect your furniture and floors, in both prepping your furniture and prepping your pets.

Prepping your RV

The first thing you can do to protect your RV furniture from pets is to prepare your couch. Of course, no one wants to cover their brand new furniture with crinkly plastic covers. Instead, consider covering your pet’s favorite spot on the couch with a stylish throw blanket. This will protect your couch, look nice, and be easy to remove when guests come to visit.

If a blanket isn’t your style, products like Scotchguard fabric protectors can help. Scotchguard spray protects your furniture, repelling water and protecting from stains on fabric upholstery and carpeted floors.

Protecting Your RV Furniture from Pets - A little dog on the bed of a camper van.

Protecting your floors

Along with your furniture, you might want to protect your new Bradd and Hall RV floors from dirty paws and sharp claws. With over 15 years of practice installing RV floors, we know what works. We install quality tile flooring, meaning your new floors are difficult to damage and easy to clean. If you think your tile needs some additional protection, try keeping a mat or towel at the door to your RV. These will quickly clean your dog’s paws, and your shoes, of any mud or dirt before ever stepping on your RV floors.

For adult, fully-trained pets, you probably don’t need to do much more than keeping their paws clean. If you’ve got a new puppy, or an older pet that tends to make a mess, consider protecting your floors with rubber mats or easy-to-clean cushions. These will protect your floors with little to no effort. In addition, squishy rubber and soft cushions might be more comfortable for older dogs and easier on painful joints.

Protecting Your RV Furniture from Your Pets - Domestic Cat Lies in a Caravan.

Spoil your pets

We could suggest here not to let your pets on the furniture, but who wants that? Everyone loves cuddling up with a furry friend at the end of a long day on the road. Plus, who can say no to those puppy dog eyes?

Instead, we’re suggesting some easy steps you can take to make your pets safer for your furniture. The first thing you can do for your pet is give them a salon day. This means nail trimming, bathing and brushing. Usually easier said than done.

Carefully trimming your cat or dog’s nails will protect your furniture from being scratched in a safe, humane way. We also recommend keeping your pets clean, lots of baths (even using your RV’s outdoor shower) helps keep your RV clean. When you take your pets on the road, you expect them to get dirty. Hosing them down and toweling them off before you head in for the night keeps your pet comfortable and your RV clean. Lastly, be sure to brush your pets often. While any brush will help, try a de-shedding brush for particularly hairy dogs and cats. Getting all of the extra hair off will make your pet much more comfortable and lessen the amount of hair coating your new couch, everyone’s happy!

Protecting Your RV Furniture from Pets - Family on RV Road Trip during summer vacation

While you’re on the road

One easy way to prevent pets from being destructive is to offer them engaging toys. Buying your dog or cat a puzzle toy will keep them stimulated, giving them less time and energy to be destructive. Puzzle toys can be played with chewed on and more. They often have a treat inside that’s difficult for your pet to get out, taking up a lot of their time an energy. This keeps them from being bored and damaging your RV.

Another way to keep your pet from being destructive is making sure they’re totally tuckered out when it’s time to head back to the RV. Bring your dogs on your outings if you can and make sure to take them on a long walk before bed. For cats, we recommend lots of play with engaging cat toys. These steps will ensure your pet will be ready to sleep when you are, and they won’t spend the night destroying your furniture and floors.

With all these proactive and on the road options for protecting your RV furniture from pets, we’re confident that your new couch will last for years. When you’re ready for an RV upgrade, contact Bradd and Hall. We’ll help you customize your RV, floors and furniture to match your personal style. Our high-quality products will withstand years of use. Let us know when you’re ready for a remodel. Remember, we’re here to serve you!