Lambright Comfort Chairs – Great Quality And Comfort At A Great Price

Bradd & Hall is proud to stock a large inventory of quality, handcrafted 100% Amish-made Lambright Comfort Chairs for our customers. With options including swivel chair recliners, double reclining love seats and reclining sofas, as well as reclining theater seating you are bound to find the perfect comfort chair to meet your needs and desires.

Lambright Comfort Chairs are the epitome of great quality and comfort coming together at a great price. Built with the quality craftmanship and pride that that Amish are known for, these chairs look and feel comfortable for many years to come.

With a multitude of fabric options to choose from Lambright Comfort Chairs are the perfect addition to any RV or boat. Some options include Uf2 by Ultrafabrics, Ultraleather by Ultrafabrics, Standard Fabrics, Premium Fabrics from Charlotte Fabrics and Lambright Fabrics.

There’s no need to worry about how they will fit in your small RV or boat space either. These chairs come standard as swivel recliners or True Wall Huggers that can sit just 3” from the wall. If you don’t need  a Wall Hugger, no problem. You can change Lambright Comfort Chairs to a non-wallhugger swivel Rocker at no extra charge. They also come apart for easier installation in your rv or boat.

For example the brown reclining sofa shown above will break down into 6 pieces as the backs slide off and individual seat frames nest together. They can also be secured to your floor with bolts or screws for added security.

Although outside manual handles are standard with Lambright Comfort Chairs you always have the option to choose inside recliner handles and power reclining can be added as well. The lazy series recliners can also be purchased with a swing away removable side table.

Whether your RV or boat requires a Lazy Relaxor Recliner, Luxe Theater Seating, Dutchboy Double Recliner, Superior 84” Reclining Sofa, or something in between Lambright has what you need with the great quality, comfort, and price you’re looking for.

For more information on all Lambright Comfort Chairs available from Bradd & Hall click here or call us (800) 445-1830.

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