Lambright Recliners

Bradd & Hall stocks a large inventory of Lambright Recliners including Chair Recliners, Double & Triple Sofa Recliners and Reclining Theater Seating. Fabric options for Lambright Recliners include Uf2 by Ultrafabrics, Ultraleather by Premium Fabric or Ultrafabrics, Standard Fabrics and Lambright Fabric.

Our Lambright Reclining Chairs come standard as Swivel Recliners and True Wall Huggers (can sit 3” from wall). However, you can change to a non-wallhugger rocker with a swivel base for no extra charge. Some add-ons for the Lambright recliners include a power recline, inside recline lever, and a side table (on select models).

Our Lambright Reclining Sofas include Double Recliners, Triple Recliners and Theater Seating and all of these are True Wall Huggers as well. Outside manual handles come standard but inside recliner handles and power reclining can be added.


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Lambright  Recliners