Florida to Washington, wherever your motorhome is parked, RV security should be at the top of your mind. Keeping your motorhome, your possessions, yourself and your family safe while on the road is essential. Whether you’re worried about motorhome theft or an RV break-in, we have some basic steps you can take to protect yourself and your property. Start with Bradd and Hall’s motorhome security products and tips.

RV Security Cameras

The price of wireless and battery-powered security cameras has dropped dramatically in recent years. With the rise of Ring doorbell cameras and smart home technology like Amazon’s Alexa, security cameras are more common than they’ve ever been.

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Cameras won’t necessarily stop someone from breaking in, but they can be used as a deterrent. Some RVers choose to include stickers or signs in the window letting others know their RV is under 24-hour surveillance. Cameras will record if someone does break in so you have evidence to provide police, and live streaming features will allow you to keep an eye on any pets left in the motorhome while you’re out.

Motorhome Alarm System

Wireless motorhome alarm systems are another common product for RV security. Choose the noisiest, most annoying alarm you can find and get it set up in your motorhome. These systems will wake you or alert your neighbors if someone tries to break into your motorhome. Additionally, it’ll likely scare potential thieves and send them running in the opposite direction.

RV Door and Window Locks

Another easy way to prevent motorhome break ins is additional locks. Purchasing a lock online is an easy and cheap way to increase security in your RV. We recommend making sure you purchase locks that can be unlocked from the inside and outside as an additional safety precaution. Both window and door locks are easy to find online.

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Your cab doors are a separate concern when it comes to RV security. You can purchase extra cab door locks, although it’s important to measure them beforehand. Cab doors come in many different sizes so you need to be sure your lock fits. Additionally, you can purchase a locking cab bar. These will lock the two cab doors together so they can’t be opened.

Pack Safely

Packing safely is an easy step when it comes to RV security. When you leave your motorhome, be sure to close your curtains and put everything away. If potential thieves look in the windows and don’t see anything worth stealing, they might move on.

You should also consider purchasing an RV safe for increased motorhome security. Whether you choose an obvious safe or a decoy safe, like a fake book, they’re a good place to hide your most valuable items. They’re also easily available on Amazon and are a great option for hiding jewelry and important documents from thieves.

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Immobilizing Motorhome Security Products

We’ve gone over some RV security tips for preventing break ins. But what about someone stealing your entire motorhome? Even worse than your possessions inside being stolen is your RV disappearing while you’re at the resort bar for a nightcap.

The best way to prevent this is to make your motorhome undrivable, even if someone had keys or was able to get the RV started without them. We recommend purchasing locked wheel clamps and steering wheel locks. Both of these can be purchased easily online and prevent your motorhome from moving until they are unlocked and removed by you.

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RV Resort Neighbors

Never underestimate the power of a neighborhood watch! Once you park at the resort, whether you’re staying a week or a season, be sure to introduce yourself to your neighbors. After some introductions to your family, ask them to keep an eye on your motorhome. This way, your campground neighbors will recognize your family and know if they spot someone unfamiliar hanging around your site.

Nosy neighbors can be a blessing if you use them to your advantage!

Once your RV security has been beefed up with these motorhome security products, Bradd and Hall can help with the rest of the upgrades! Let us install new RV furniture and upgrade everything from wooden valences to flooring. We can build custom furniture and color match our upgrades to your existing motorhome design.

Shop our inventory online and contact us or give us a call when you’re ready to get started.