There comes a time in every RVers life when they decide it’s time to upgrade their RV. It could something as small as a new microwave or a kitchen faucet. On the other hand, it could be as large as installing new furniture. You spend so much time in your furniture – your couch, swivel chairs and recliners should be comfortable! As long as your furniture is comfortable, you’ll feel you’re in the zone of luxury, no matter your destination.

If your RV has some miles on it, it may be time to upgrade the furniture it came with all those years ago. Especially if you RV full time, it’s important to keep an eye on how your furniture is holding up. To find the right furniture that fits, you’ll need to turn to the manufacturer that make specific products for your RV. It can be expensive, but, again, worth it.

Choosing the right furniture can be overwhelming, not to mention expensive. The quality of your upcoming camping trips rests in the hands of your furniture, so it’s a high-stake position! Once you’re ready to bring the renovations, read this guide on how to choose furniture that fits your specific RV.

Don’t rush.

Finding the right RV furniture that perfectly fits won’t be something you can accomplish overnight. If you want the project to be done correctly, it’ll be important to slow down and make informed, smart decisions before buying. Try not to purchase your dream couch if it’s an inch or two too long. It could really be a catastrophe. Don’t worry – another dream couch will come along.

Know the exact measurements.

If you’re gutting out the majority of your furniture and starting fresh, one of the first things to do is measure. Measure how much space you have where your old furniture was. Also make sure you’ll have enough space if you want to upgrade to something to expands, like a foldable bed. You’ll want to measure the bed at maximum foldout and consider any walking room you may need to account for.

Don’t buy off-brands.

Your RV goes through some gruesome vibrations, bumps, and potholes, so it’s important you find furniture that can stand up to that. The inexpensive, residential furniture won’t hold up, and you’ll have to buy everything all over again in a short amount of time. Websites like ours have a variety of products while understanding everything RV furniture needs: the environment they endure, the small amount of space available, and they need comfort and luxury at the end of a long travel day. Splurge knowing it will be worth it.

Read the reviews.

Read from people that have already made the purchase. Reviews could quite possibly be the most helpful tool out there. You’ll get real-life photos of what the product looks like, and you’ll get pros and cons from consumers just like you.

Know you have a ton of options.

If your RV came with a dinette and a few benches, and you haven’t used, realize you don’t have to get another dinette set. This is the exciting part about renovating – you can make it the way you want it. If you’re going to go this route, it may be a good idea to map things out to make sure you like the layout first.

Try it out in person, if possible.

Your new furniture must fit, but it also has to be comfortable. Comfort is relative, so it’s difficult to trust reviews that are based strictly on that alone. If at all possible, sit in the furniture before you buy it. This may look like a weekend road trip to a certain manufacturer, or it could mean finding a closer dealership with RVs that have the furniture you want. Trying it out before you buy means you can also measure for yourself.

Talk to a professional.

Even if you are comfortable with doing the project yourself, it’s a great idea to get a few tips and tricks from a professional who renovates RVs or sells RV furniture. Find a person to help you find out the precise measurements, how far chairs recline, (if you’re upgrading recliners) and how much power they’ll need.


We hope this guide is helpful and you use it for your next renovation endeavor! Upgrading is all about being comfortable while making sure you’re finding high-quality furniture that you know will fit.


Have you renovated your RV recently? Let us know down in the comments.