How do you deep clean an RV?

Before heading out on your next adventure, now might be the best time to get out of the house and give your motorhome or RV a deep clean. It’s more than likely been in storage for the winter months, and we want to help make sure your rig is clean and ready to go when you are. Read these deep cleaning tips from us here at Bradd and Hall.

When we clean our own RVs, we like to do it in phases or areas: ceilings, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and the exterior. You can clean one area a day, or you can grab the family and have it all knocked out in one day. We also like to start with ceilings so any dirt or debris that falls will be cleaned up as you work your way through each phase. Before you start cleaning, open up a few windows to allow fresh air in. This will also help any smells from cleaning solutions you’re going to use, too. Clear out any extra trash that was left inside over the winter, and remove all items so nothing is in your way while cleaning.

Phase one – The Ceilings

Before you start wiping down ceilings, do a quick inspection of any discoloration or water spots. This step is probably the most important when it comes to cleaning the ceiling, so don’t take it lightly! It’s crucial to catch any signs of mold or leaks early on so you can stop them from worsening. Then, do a quick wipe down and turn on a fan to get some air circulating.


Phase two – Kitchen

To start this beastly phase, toss anything that’s leftover from last season. This is a chance to really get organized and start over. Reorganize everything that’s still useable and take note of what needs to be replenished. Once this is done, give all the cabinets and drawers a thorough wipe down to remove any dust or dirt.


Next, we recommend moving to large appliances. You’ll have to clean your stove a bit differently depending on what kind of stove you have, but as long as you remove the grease and food, you’ll be good to go. Be sure to clean out the microwave, refrigerator, and any other appliances you bring with you.


This should be done almost daily as you spend time in your rig, but be sure you’re cleaning your countertops! So many germs can build up here, and residue from everything that comes in contact with that flat surface is probably left behind. It’s a great habit to wipe them down daily!


Phase three – Bathroom

Some RV countertops are sensitive, so it’s important to use products that are compatible with the materials. Your RV manual should list any ingredients to not use, but just in case, be sure to clean with a non-abrasive cleaner.


As you wipe down the shower, be sure to scrub the walls and any glass doors. These are great places for shampoo and soap build up, even though you might not see it. Clean the toilet and wipe the counters down, clean out any left-over shower or bathroom products and you’re ready to move along to the next phase.



Phase four – Living room

When reaching this step, it’s important to carefully clean any upholstery or fabrics with the right cleaner. It only takes one incorrect cleaning agent to make your cleaning go awry! Sweep and mop floors, wipe down any surfaces and toss any fabrics you can in the washer. Be mindful when drying – you don’t want anything to shrink or start a fire! If fabrics aren’t removable, use a suction attachment on a vacuum cleaner. Also remember to shake out or wash curtains or drapes.

Phase five – Exterior

We like to save cleaning the exterior for last. Sometimes, it’s easier to take it to someone and have it professionally cleaned, because cleanliness on the outside is just as important as the inside. Someday, you might want to sell it, and potential buyers will see the exterior first and might have their mind made up before they even reach the interior.


The following is a quick summary of what to clean along with a few other things to consider:


-Remove any food in the pantry, cupboards and refrigerator

-Clean from top to bottom, wiping any surfaces

-Clean your sewer hose

-Consider a deep wash and wax to the exterior


The last tip: get help if you need it. If you don’t think you’ll be able to deep clean your whole RV by yourself, don’t fret! Simply take your RV to your local dealership or maintenance shop. They’ll be more than happy to take care of the process for you so it can be done correctly.


We hope these phases help you in the daunting task of deep cleaning your RV. Remember to reach out should you have any questions about all things RV.


Happy cleaning!


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