5 Simple Ideas for Renovating Your RV

We know you love your RV. You love the way it rides, the way it makes you feel on the open road. You have a special bond with your rig. Sometimes, though, your baby could use a bit of sprucing up. You know, a quick, easy renovation. Even if you just purchased your RV, is there something you don’t like that you simply cannot overlook? Here at Bradd & Hall, we understand how important it is to love every aspect of your RV. You spend lots of time in it, after all.

Renovating Your RV


Though the thought of renovating your RV might be overwhelming, there are a few easy ways to upgrade your rig into the luxurious getaway vessel it was always meant to be. Here are a few simple recommendations to give you a start!


Replace your furniture.

Sure, this seems like a giveaway, but a quick upgrade in furniture can make your RV go from 80s interior to modern contemporary in no time. It’s one of the many things that can make your RV seem like just another motor home, but it’s yours. Not anyone else’s! You want it to be unique, refreshing and sleek. Take a look through our selection of RV furniture to get an idea of what’s in your budget and style. Maybe your RV is an older model and has floral print on the couches. Our sofas come in a wide range of material so you can choose your favorite style. Or, if you work while your travel, add a computer desk and make it your portable study area. Do these and your RV will get the face lift of a lifetime.

Add a backslash.

One of the easiest, (and cheapest) ways to upgrade the look of your RV is to add a backslash to the kitchen and bathroom walls. There is even sticky backslashes made so you can change them as your style changes. They elevate the look of any room, and who isn’t looking for a quick upgrade? Ceramic tiles aren’t usually recommended in a moving vehicle, so stick-on backslashes are the way to go. These will help eliminate any grease stains to your RV walls, too. If you plan on using them above your stove, make sure you check its resistance to heat.

Rip up the carpet and install hardwood.

This is a monster of a task, but imagine how sleek and fresh your RV will look with new flooring. Tearing up carpet is tons of work that requires the removal of many staples, but once this is done, take a break! Then you can start laying your new flooring. Real hardwood looks beautiful in any setting, but it can be a bit too heavy for RVs. Laminate floors that give the illusion of hardwood is your best bet, as it’s lightweight and a fraction of the price. You can go the stick-on route, or the click-and-lock route. Both of them will give you amazing results and are simple to lay. Ensure to do your research on which option is best for you and your RV.


The details are what brings the feel and atmosphere of a room together, and you don’t want to miss out on any of this. Take a few minutes to walk your RV and pay attention to the details. Look at the cabinet handles, light switch covers, faucets, mirrors, and curtains. Make a list of things you want to upgrade, then head to a DIY store and let the fun begin. You can even buy wallpaper and have an accent wall. Customizing these small things will help you make this space more your own and less a RV that once sat on a dealer lot.

Paint it!

This is yet another task that is not small, but it’s one of the biggest factors in changing the entire feel and look to your RV. White is always a great color to choose, because it makes small spaces feel bigger. Mirrors do this too, so why not hang a few lightweight ones up? Just be sure they’re secure! Other light colors like beige, light blue and gray can still make the space look bigger and probably stay cleaner over time. Before you begin, start with a primer to make sure the paint has something to stick to. A painting job can often take over a week, and it needs time to dry and air out. Make sure it fits in your traveling schedule!


These are just a few ideas on how to begin renovating, though the possibilities are quite endless. Do ample research on all of your options, and be ready for some hard work ahead. In the end, your upgraded RV will look wonderful and you’ll be so proud of the work you’ve done. Having a newly renovated rig will make it feel like you’re in a brand-new RV on your next trip.


If you have any questions on our products, don’t hesitate to call. One of our friendly staff members is ready to help you make the changes you’ve been wanting to make.


Have you recently completed any renovations to your RV? Let us know in the comments below.

5 Simple Ideas for Renovating Your RV

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