Flexsteel Recliners

Flexsteel products are some of the best in the RV Furniture industry, built to last through the rigors of over the road driving. Flexsteel carefully balances functionality, comfort and size to maximize product efficiency and minimize space.

At Bradd & Hall, we offer several different versions of Flexsteel Recliners including:

Flexsteel Euro Recliner – these recliners allow for a 360-degree swivel and easily recline into zero gravity for maximum relaxation! The Flexsteel 1612 Euro Recliner is the only model we stock of the Flexsteel variety but if you are interested in other Euro Recliners, we offer Fjord and Lafer Euro Recliners as well.

Swivel Rocker Recliner – recline, rotate left and right, and rock back and forth with the swivel rocker recliner! We offer the Flexsteel "Meely,” Flexsteel "Thurston,” Flexsteel "Dresden” and Flexsteel "Logan” as Swivel Rocker recliners.

Bolt Down Swivel Rocker Recliner – as it implies, it is the same concept for the swivel rocker recliner but can be secured to the floor, has slide tracks to allow the chair to slide from the wall and can accommodate a seat belt.  The Flexsteel "Dresden” is the only recliner we offer in a bolt down version.

Glider Recliner – essentially a rocker with the exception of moving forward and backward on a linear path (not an arched path). The Flexsteel "Logan” is the only recliner we offer as a glider recliner.


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Flexsteel Recliners