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Bradd and Hall prides itself in bringing only the best to our customers and the AutoMotionShade RV Roller Shade System is no different.

We all know how difficult traditional window shades can be. Constantly leaning over your couch or dinette trying to adjust the pleated shade window coverings, struggling to clean them, trying to fix the broken strings, having to look at the front curtain that’s faded and not-so-new any longer, dealing with sunlight peeping through the string holes or corners, and so many other challenges! AutoMotionShade has found a way to eliminate those issues with their Dual Roller Shades.

The day portion of the Dual Roller Shade utilizes a solar sunscreen for great visibility looking out but also creates daytime privacy as it reduces heat and glare.

The night portion of the Dual Roller Shade completely blocks all light from coming into the RV for optimal privacy and sleeping conditions.

These shades can be operated manually or order with power and controlled by an optional remote control.

For the cockpit shades, the windshield shade is available in power only and is commonly installed using the wiring and switches already in place for your current power visor. So, what happens if your current visors are not power visors? That’s no problem! Bradd and Hall will install the switches and wiring in a convenient location in your cockpit so they can be operated while driving.

For the rest of the RV’s shades, you are free to choose manual or the optional power package. Manual shades are simply operated by pulling them down to the desired position and letting go. Pulling them slightly down and releasing then causes the shade to retract slowly up.

Are you worried about your new Dayscreen shades matching your RV’s interior design? Fret no more! AutoMotionShades come in a variety of styles and colors to match and enhance whatever décor you have while still giving excellent visibility and shielding your interior from damaging UV rays, sun, and heat. Click here to view available Daytime Sunscreen Shade Color Swatches!

And you have just as many styles and colors to choose from when it comes to your choice of Night/Privacy Shades as well. Made to give your RV a clean, modern look, these Night/Privacy Shades are easy to clean and will shield your interior from damaging UV rays, sun, glare, and heat too. To view available Night/Privacy Shade Color Swatches click here!

AutoMotionShade have been supplying shades for the transportation industry and most major RV manufacturers for over 30 years! They were also the first to develop this two-part day-night roller shade system. Although these shades are manufactured in Canada, they have been used by people all around the world.

For more information on the AutoMotionShade RV Roller Shade System, watch the video below:

Contact us today by clicking here or call (800) 445-1830 for more information or to schedule a quote for your RV. We also build Hardwood Valences to match your cabinets so be sure to ask us about that too.

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