Luxury Holiday Gifts for Full-Time RVers and Part-Time RVers

The holiday season has come back around and we’re ready for all the wintry fun that comes with it! This time of year inspires thoughts of hot cocoa, warm fires, and time spent with family and friends. But this season also comes with the annual struggle of finding the perfect present for those you love. Bradd and Hall is here to help with this holiday battle by recommending some ideal gifts for RVers.

Whether you’re shopping for your parents or your significant other, the task is the same. It’s always difficult to find that perfect gift. The ones you love deserve the best, after all! Full-timers or weekend road trippers, we listed some of the best luxury gifts for RVers.

Expanded AutoMotion shades in an RV.

AutoMotion Shades

A favorite of RV lovers, AutoMotion Shades are a great gift for RVers. These roller shades are sleek and simple with no strings attached. They come in power and manual options to make opening and closing easier. Purchase your AutoMotion Shades today then drop your RV off at our Indiana showroom for professional installation. Our technicians will make use of the wiring and switches already in your RV, and we offer custom hardwood valences to cover your shades completely when they’re rolled up.

Pop-Up Outdoor Gazebo

Spend time relaxing outdoors while protected from bugs and other critters with this a popup gazebo, like this netted outdoor gazebo from Amazon. With 4.6 stars and thousands of reviews, this gazebo is a great luxury gift for RVers. Shop different sizes and colors to match the needs and tastes of whoever you’re purchasing these gifts for, or order one for yourself!

Instant Pot 10-in-1

This Instant Pot is another huge hit with RVers of all ages. The one we’ve featured here has the functions of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté, sous vide, yogurt maker, sterilizer and warmer. While the Instant Pot is one of the best gifts for RVers, we have a full list of RV-friendly kitchen gadgets filled with great gift ideas.

RV Recliner

There’s nothing better than kicking back in a recliner after a long day on the road or adventuring around the RV park. At Bradd and Hall, we have a variety of recliners available in customizable colors. Whatever your preferred style, we’ve got a recliner to fit. Shop Lambright, Euro and more brands of luxury recliners built with RVing in mind. Give your special someone the gift of years spent relaxed and reclined in one of these chairs.

A woman sits in a Bradd and Hall recliner with her cubby cabinet.

Cubby Console

Another great gift for RVers, your family and friends are sure to love these multifunctional cubby consoles. The legs can be expanded to stand as their own table, or they can be folded in and placed on your sofa to save space. These cubby consoles are popular with our customers. They’ll hold your drinks, remotes and anything you want to place inside.

Cell Phone Signal Booster

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a campground and finding you’re without cell signal. To make the situation even more difficult, campground Wi-Fi networks are notoriously spotty and slow. That is, if the campground even offers internet connection. This cell signal booster is a great gift for RVers of all types. But it makes a particularly great gift for full-time RVers. Especially those who work from the road and depend on signal, or RVers with kids who may be roadschooling.

One of our RV tables, the foldable coffee table, displayed in a motorhome.

Folding RV Coffee Table

The folding coffee table from Bradd and Hall is another popular purchase and a perfect gift for RVers. These tables are easy to fold up for storage and unfold for use. They’re only 5” thick when folded and come with a storage bag. This makes it simple to fold them up and slide them into tight spaces in your RV for safekeeping when on the road. Once you’ve parked, simply unfold and have a beautiful wood coffee table centerpiece ready to go.

iRobot Roomba Vacuum

One more great gift for RVers and stationary homeowners alike is the iRobot Roomba Vacuum. This Wi-Fi connected vacuum robot is great for keeping your RV clean with little to no work. The Roomba can map your living space and vacuums your home on its own. Whether you’re RVing with cats, kids, or a myriad of messy little ones the Roomba is perfect for easy cleaning. Make RVing easy for those you love by gifting them a Roomba this holiday season.

Still looking for great gifts for RVers? Check out this Amazon store by RVUSA with everything an RVer needs in one convenient place!

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